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Entrepreneurship in 2020

5 May 2020

At Greenscale, entrepreneurship is at the heart of our approach. Every day we are committed to finding the best solutions to support each company that we meet to improve on the path of eco-responsibility.

And among the latter we also work with many entrepreneurs from all sides. It is therefore a theme that is dear to us, but what about the entrepreneur in this year 2020? And especially in this very difficult period, is it still possible to undertake, or is the approach pure madness?

Come on, let’s clear up the false mystery now, in 2020 entrepreneurs have more than ever an important role to play!

Because if COVID 19 will have done a lot of damage among populations, it will also have been able to destroy a large part of the world economy, shutting down factories, businesses, and even institutions country after country. If we have one conclusion to draw from this crisis, it is that we were very far from being ready.

I want here especially to speak about our companies which for a large part found themselves completely disorganized overnight, undermined by a wave which exceeded the most pessimistic forecasts. 

This is where entrepreneurs need to come in, the rules have been changed, it’s time to find new solutions.

Today we need daring and inventiveness in order to create the society of tomorrow, a society which will be more responsible, fairer, but above all which will not make the same mistakes as in the past.

The entrepreneur of 2020 will also and above all be eco-responsible, he will seek to find concrete solutions to real problems (honestly, do we need a plastic bottle connected via Bluetooth to our phone to know if we Did you drink 1l of water this morning?) while respecting our environment and preserving the members of our society as well as possible. 

And more than anything, the entrepreneur of 2020 will be everywhere, it will be you, it will be me, it will be an employee, it will be a leader, it will be an elected official, it will be a teacher…
The entrepreneur of 2020 will be everyone who has the desire to do better, the desire to advance our society. And something tells me that we are likely to be more and more. You will have seen it as much as I have, in these troubled times, it is by acting together that we are able to meet the most important challenges. So, are you in?

Jean-Baptiste Liouville, co-founder Greenscale

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