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Evaluate your business or your products and services easily.

We have developed two different types of assessments: an evaluation of your internal organization accessible to all companies in any sector, and a product / service assessment currently reserved for companies in the agri-food sector.

Company Evaluation

Evaluating your business means taking a snapshot of the impacts of the organization at this moment. This is the best starting point for any environmental and social responsibility approach. Whether you are already engaged or want to make a positive and sustainable impact, the greenscale evaluation will answer your questions. All the activities of your company will be studied on the basis of your information to identify possible actions for each activity.


Thanks to our evaluation, you will know your performance on the different aspects of environmental and societal impacts


Our evaluation concerns your entire organization. 
All departments are thus committed to the process


This evaluation identifies concrete path of actions to progress on the road of eco-responsibility


Follow the evolution of your CSR with precise KPIs to monitor (including some from the carbon footprint)
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Product Assessment

Our product assessment is a simplified life cycle assessment (LCA). Interested in knowing the impacts of your product on the environment and society? This sector-targeted assessment is made for your organization. Each stage of your product's lifecycle is detailed, as a good way to get an overview of the process. 
Ask for the product assessment to make it evolve towards a positive and lasting impact!


Thanks to our assessment, you will know the performance of your product on its environmental and societal impacts.


To act where it makes sense, we identify the stages and areas with the most impact.


You will obtain concrete courses of action for a most eco-responsible product.
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Evaluation F.A.Q 

What information will you request for the organization evaluation?

We strive to assess the impacts of all the functions of your business, that is to say:
-Human resources
-Internal and external communication
-Risks and Ethics
-Information system
-Purchases and consumables
-Partnerships and Ecosystem.
Each corresponds to a module and a dedicated questionnaire but also a qualification axis where you can assess your level.

What information will you request for the product assessment ?

We detail the life cycle of your product to know the impacts, i.e .:
- Sourcing: your raw materials, where they come from, how they were produced ...
- Processing: what your raw material has undergone to become your product, the steps, methods and transportations ...
- Distribution: how you propose to sell your product, where and on what business model ...
- Use: your customer and the recommendations you make to them are also part of the product life cycle
- End of life: what remains of your product once used, your stock, its sustainability ...

How is the evaluation carried out?

As soon as you subscribe, you get access to the links to our questionnaires. You can answer them or ask some of your collaborators to do it. You are free to save your answers to continue later if you need more time.
Once we have obtained and gone through your answers, we will come back to you to ask for additional details or supporting documents if necessary.
Within about 15 days, we will provide you with the evaluation report of your product and your courses of action.
To go further, you can book an appointment with your greenscale advisor for a debriefing of your assessment.

What do you do with the requested information?

All information we ask you for is confidential and can only be used in the following cases:
- Carrying out the evaluation
- Support through our online advisor offer to be relevant in our advice
- Support by an expert from our network only at your request and for the relevant information as part of the service they must perform for you 

How long can an evaluation take?

If you have all the information available, it will not take you more than an hour to answer all of our questions.
Following receipt of your responses, we may get back to you if we are missing additional information.
However, you have no time limit to complete the assessment. You can take your time to complete all the information and save your answers to continue later. Once all the answers have been obtained, your evaluation report is available within 15 working days.

Who should respond to the evaluation?

It's simple: people who know the answers!
For the assessment undertaken, the various modules can be distributed to the appropriate functions in your organization according to the domains.
For product assessment, the product manager may be the most suitable person to answer or distribute questionnaires depending on the stage of the product lifecycle.
We support the initiative
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