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Let’s get out of this crisis from the top

21 April 2020

As I write these words France is in its fifth week of confinement, and if we now have a first release date, one thing is certain: everything will not be as before and it may not be. not such a bad thing, let me explain.

While there is obviously no question of blaming the appearance of the COVID 19 virus on our system of life or consumption, in terms of its proliferation, it is globalization that has allowed COVID 19 to spreading at a speed never seen before.

In fact today we are used to everything going very quickly, and it is more and more common now to order things on the internet from the other side of the world which will arrive in barely one or two weeks. We are constantly traveling faster and further, we have lowered the barriers between countries (and this is a great thing here, I wouldn’t say the opposite). But in an economy where things go so fast, it’s no wonder a virus travels as fast as the latest smartphone.

If this period of confinement will have undermined and will continue to do so in the months to come many companies and citizens around the world, it will also have had the good surprise to give us a glimpse of what a planet with less people could be. polluting activities, with fewer plane trips around the world, fewer vehicles on the roads, and all the emissions that come with it. 

This crisis gives us a glimmer of hope, that nothing is actually lost and that if each and every one of us gives the means, a less bleak future is largely within our reach.

These difficult weeks will also have had the merit of showing the whole world to what extent our economy, our well-being, our comfort and above all our health depend on key people who are generally forgotten, put aside and above all taken for granted.

I am speaking here of course of all the nursing staff who, despite more than difficult conditions, show themselves every day, every hour and every minute to the height of the challenge to be met, to all those who have continued to work so that we can feed, go shopping and keep a semblance of normal life, to those who ensure our safety despite the risks, police, firefighters, gendarmes, and finally to all those who have contributed to ensuring that our country can get through this crisis as well as possible. If applause in the evening is a start, we will have to go much further tomorrow to express our gratitude to them and fight alongside them so that all are valued as they deserve.

It is clear that we were not prepared for this period, it is clear that mistakes were made in the past, it is clear that many of our choices, no matter how trivial they seemed, had a negative impact on the situation . But above all it is much clearer that it is now our responsibility to no longer make the same mistakes and to be able together to design a better society for tomorrow. Good luck to all.

Jean-Baptiste Liouville, co-founder Greenscale

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