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Green'chat for all on the event of European Sustainable Development Week

9 September 2020

For the European Sustainable Development Week, chat with an eco-responsibility advisor for free and get all the answers to transform your business from the inside. 

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For 10 days from September 18 to 28, ask all the questions you want to transform your business from the inside 

Our GreenScale advisors will answer you on our online chat on all subjects relating to the CSR of your company.

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In a few days, the 5th European Sustainable Development Week will open. It has a particular flavor this year due to our health context and also since it was postponed for several months and extended over 3 weeks to facilitate events. 

What is the European Sustainable Development Week?

SEDD for those who do not know, was created following the adoption in 2015 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Its objective is to make the greatest number of people aware of social and environmental concerns throughout Europe.

These 17 Sustainable Development Goals were defined as part of a program, the 2030 program. The United Nations General Assembly has planned for the year 2030 these 17 goals broken down into 169 targets in the areas of the economy, social development and environmental protection. 

This year, it's been 5 years, 1/3 of the time allotted to achieve these objectives. And what happened? Has the world moved for 5 years?

I want to believe that yes, I want to be optimistic on a daily basis, but optimism is not enough if it is not accompanied by concrete actions. These goals are not in vain, to be able to reach them, each of us must act! I don't want to talk about environmental consequences, the loss of biodiversity, wars, poverty in the world. Others act on awareness with great talent, each one his mission. I prefer to talk to you about CONCRETE ACTIONS, and more particularly at work, in your company.

Sustainable Development comes to business through CSR

Within the framework of the company, we speak of Corporate Social Responsibility, this describes the way in which a company will take its responsibilities towards society in the same way as the State and the citizens. Behind CSR, many still imagine actions such as replacing plastic cups with coffee machine mugs. However, it includes many more actions both internally (employees, purchasing, etc.) and towards its external ecosystem (products, customers, partners, etc.), both in favor of the preservation of the environment but also ethics and reduction of social inequalities. 

More and more, we see appearing on the organizational charts of CSR functions and departments, mainly in large companies. At GreenScale, we believe that CSR is not the preserve of one person or management in a company. 

What if you were told that one person in a family is responsible for all actions, would you find that logical? Why place such a responsibility on one person when each member of the family makes daily decisions?

Large companies are not the only ones who can act 

3 million companies in France thrive with less than 10 employees, the vast majority of our economic fabric! VSEs and SMEs alone produce 1/3 of the total turnover of French companies and employ nearly half of the payroll.

Do not underestimate the impact that each of them can have on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals! It's the sum of everyone's efforts that create the wave of change we want. The means of acting are very diverse, observe your daily life, the actions that you or your colleagues do, the decisions that are made, the products that you help design, the services provided and what you use to achieve them, the purchases carried out for the life of the company or for your customers, the way in which employees are hired or selected suppliers or partners, how it goes after hiring / selection, the communications you carry out, ... all this can be impacted by CSR and may have an impact on the environment and society.

There is roughly a one in two chance that you will work in a very small business or an SME, and therefore that you are interested in what will follow!

Our mission: to support companies of all sizes in their eco-responsibility

GreenScale was created to bridge the gap between CSR consulting agencies, practicing inaccessible prices and long and complex procedures, and entrepreneurs, VSE / SME managers and employees wishing to do their part, have an environmental and societal impact. at their level, through concrete actions adapted and included in their daily business.

Every day when we speak with our customers, it is for:

  • Give them the keys to build a vision of the evolution of their business
  • Provide concrete solutions to actions that can be carried out today

We still meet too many entrepreneurs and employees who tell us: I do not know how to act or I lack knowledge and I do not have time to train myself on such and such a subject.

10 days of unlimited chat with our GreenScale advisors

That's why from September 18 to 28, our GreenScale advisors will answer all your questions in our online chat! 

The boost you've been waiting for is here!

It is for free that you will have access for 10 days to part of our “Online Advisor” service: the chat 

NB: depending on the number of people online and the difficulty of your question (and the time of day…), you may not receive a live response but we will answer ALL your questions!

What questions can you ask us? 

Well… just about anything that has a direct or indirect impact on the environmental and societal impact of your business. 

It's very vast, so to trigger your creativity here are some ideas for questions to ask us: 

- How can I know our environmental / societal impact?

- Which label is best suited to our product and our company size?

- How can I communicate our eco-responsible actions without doing greenwashing?

- Which supplier is the most eco-responsible between X and Y? 

- What actions can I put in place when recruiting for gender equality / diversity / against various discrimination?

- What impact indicators should I monitor in the IT department? 

- How can I motivate my colleagues on such eco-responsible action?


Obviously, tell us about your company, your approach, the information you have; the more precise you are, the more our advice is! 

Far from providing you with “boat” advice on sustainable development in business, we want to push you to action, unlock situations, provide you with the key you are lacking, allow you to step into high gear ...

Imagine if you are hundreds of companies contacting us with the impact we can all have together.

We hope you take this opportunity to take action in your business and look forward to talking to you!

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